Connection Master product trainings for critical communications professionals

Connection Master product training courses are designed to fit to the demanding schedules of critical communication professionals*: Select between a 1-day introductory course or a 3-day master class.

1-day introductory course

An introductory class room training targeted, i.e. for company executives and marketing personnel.


  • Get to know DNWP as a company
  • Learn the unique selling points of our key product Connection Master delivered by our sales leads

3-day master class

A master class room training targeted, i.e. for technical sales and technical support personnel.


  • 1-day course, and
  • Deep dive into the operations, administration and maintenance of Connection Master with hands-on product exercises with our technical experts

The trainings are arranged at the DNWP headquarters in Espoo, Finland.

*Please note that the trainings are for the DNWP customers and resellers only.

For more information, please contact: