Become a master in MPLS-TP technology – Next opportunities: February and August 2020

Espoo, Finland – Cyber security awareness is on the rise in power utilities across the world. The risk of a cyber-attack against national power operations comes partially within modernizing the traditional systems. The new intelligent and interdependent power systems are known as ‘smart grids’.

Yet, only few types of infrastructure are as critical to our lives and economies as electricity. This was most recently witnessed in Venezuela (2019) and earlier in Ukraine (2015). Both countries suffered a massive power outage that temporarily disrupted electricity supply to thousands and millions of users for various reasons.

Cyber security in critical communications

The discussions over cyber security have increased lately also among critical communications professionals. One of the reasons for this is the ongoing shift from TDM and SDH based technologies towards the next generation packet switched technologies which enable IP based critical communications services.

MPLS-TP is one of the most common new critical communications technology platforms selected by power utilities. Packet switched technologies are in general not more vulnerable than the earlier technologies – but it is important to recognize that the overall landscape has changed.

Become a master in MPLS-TP technology in 2020 – Enrol on a course in February or August

DNWP is now offering an MPLS-TP technology specific training course for partners who already manage Connection Master on 3 February-7 February, 2020 and on 31 August-4 September, 2020. The course consists of five classroom training days at the DNWP headquarters in Espoo, Finland. The course is especially designed to ramp up DNWP partners capabilities to introduce and implement MPLS-TP technology further for their end customers’ benefit.

Connection Master training: MPLS-TP agenda overview

Day 1: Introduction to Connection Master
Day 2: MPLS-TP fundamentals
Day 3: Introduction to network management (NMS)
Day 4: Connection Master units cont’d
Day 5: MPLS-TP specifics

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