Compact 22 Mbit/s network terminals and multiplexers

– DNWP is currently working on providing our customers a new solution to replace FlexiNT-GS. Please note that the production of FlexiNT-GS network terminals and multiplexers is fully discontinued. –

“FlexiNT-GS devices provide different ways of deploying Ethernet, TDM and low speed serial data services over SHDSL.bis local loops or TDM networks. They deliver services over local loop using SHDSL.bis line code with speeds of up to 5.7 Mbit/s over a single copper pair. With bonded SHDSL.bis, it is possible to deliver 22.8 Mbit/s split over four copper pairs.

FlexiNT-GS devices can be used as TDM multiplexers or interface converters where serial, Ethernet and E1 interfaces can be converted or multiplexed to an E1 interface. FlexiNT-GS devices can also work in a box-to-box configuration and act as network terminals (Customer Premises, CP mode) and line terminals (Central Office, CO mode). In addition, FlexiNT-GS devices can function as network terminals for DSL Access Multiplexer (DSLAM) and carry Ethernet over local loop using EFM or ATM mode.”