classic critical communications

Dependable critical communications is appreciated by loyal customers worldwide since decades. DNWP SDH/TDM technologies empower classic critical communication services that leave a legacy hard to match because of their wide use. DNWP continues the unbreakable telecommunications lifeline of SDH/TDM technologies as a European supplier with products that are made in Finland.

DNWP Connection Master provides an SDH/TDM and packet based multi-service access, aggregation and transport layer optimized for electricity power utilities and other private networks. Connection Master SDH/TDM node is a future proof solution that can be upgraded to support MPLS-TP technology. The existing node can be equipped with native SDH/TDM, SDH/TDM/MPLS-TP hybrid or native MPLS-TP technology options.

DNWP SDH/TDM technologies’ key features

  • STM-1/4/16 SDH trunk
  • 6 and 16-slot chassis versions
  • High availability options with redundant control and power units
  • Optimized for strictly time critical, low latency applications
  • Ethernet over SDH
  • A wide range of data interfaces, E1, V.24, V.11, X.21, G703/64k, C37.94
  • A wide range of voice interfaces, E&M, FXS, FXO
  • TDM cross-connection matrix from SDH level to single TDM channels
  • Full compatibility towards Dynanet & FMX2 product families
  • Easy to use graphical user interface
  • End to end service provisioning with network management system