DNWP packet switched technologies incl. MPLS-TP

Next generation critical communications

DNWP’s key device Connection Master represents a smart business investment. It adapts to your needs reliably and sustainably.

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Dependable communications is the lifeline of countless services in the digital era. DNWP packet switched technologies empower IP based communication services without compromising security.

DNWP Connection Master offers a smooth evolution path from existing critical communications means towards next generation technologies. It enables parallel SDH and MPLS-TP services with superior flexibility.

DNWP packet switched technologies key features:

  • STM-1/4/16 SDH trunk
  • 1GE/10GE IP Packet trunk
  • Carrier Ethernet 2.0
  • TDM over Packet
  • SyncE and IEEE 1588v2
  • Advanced encryption
  • Full set of subrate interfaces
  • Network management system including MPLS-TP circuit provisioning