Connection Master on-line product trainings for critical communications professionals*

Online training course selection

DNWP offers a selection of new online product training courses based on your current competence level. The modular selection provides you with additional flexibility based on your schedule.

The online product training includes a shared screen, voice, video and a remote access to Connection Master nodes in our training lab.

Six remote training modules are already available. There are four connections to each module and a practical limit of 1-2 participants in each connection.

Connection Master online product training modules in 2021 – Sold out – More course dates coming up soon:

23 February at 10 am – 1 pm EST
24 February at 10 am – 1 pm EST
25 February at 10 am – 1 pm EST
26 February at 10 am – 1 pm EST

EST = Eastern European Time – Helsinki, Finland

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Meet our trainers

Become a critical communications pro together with us

Antti Viro

Chief Technical Officer

DNWP Partner Trainer
Cigré Study Comittee D2 Observer Member

E-mailTel. +358 40 805 2192

Kari Reijonen

Connection Master

DNWP Partner Trainer

Janne Suomalainen


DNWP Partner Trainer

Meron Gemeda

Network Management Systems (NMS)

DNWP Partner Trainer

Online training module descriptions

Module 1.0 – Getting connected

In this training module DNWP Connection Master packet units are overviewed assessing their factory default settings to provide initial access to the devices. An introduction to the different management interfaces available on hybrid Connection Master nodes is given with focus on viewing basic system information. Initial switch configuration is commissioned, and basic switch management and utilities are described.

Module 2.0 – Management communication network

In this training module an OSPF routed management communication network is configured on hybrid DNWP Connection Master nodes to provide distributed, in-band management communications for the telecommunications network. The intra-node connectivity of the hybrid node is described in detail, and the concepts of VLAN trunking, switch virtual interfaces and L3 forwarding are further expanded on. Advanced OSPF configuration parameters are briefly considered and alternative management communication network solutions are discussed.

Module 3.0 – Timing and clock synchronisation

In this training module timing and clock synchronisation solutions in packet switched networks are discussed. The intra-node synchronisation of the hybrid DNWP Connection Master node is described in detail and configured using Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE). Inter-node synchronisation is configured using SyncE and Precision Time Protocol (PTP). An overview of different PTP profiles is given and synchronisation in hybrid PDH/SDH/Ethernet networks is discussed.

Module 4.0 – MPLS-TP label switching

In this training module MPLS-TP label switching is overviewed and its central concepts are defined. The hierarchical structure of the technology is elaborated on, and the configuration of MPLS-TP sections, label switched path tunnels and pseudowires on DNWP Connection Master are described. Mapping service frames to pseudowires using Ethernet virtual connections is also covered. More advanced features such as sub-path maintenance entities and pseudowire stitching are briefly touched upon.

Module 5.0 – MPLS-TP provisioning using Traffic Manager

In this training module the provisioning of MPLS-TP services in DNWP Connection Master networks is described. Traffic Manager, a tool in the Telenium NET Hero real-time network management system, is used in the provisioning. Traffic Manager is thoroughly demonstrated and all service types are covered. Virtual private wire and circuit emulation services are configured with 1:1 path protection and appropriate quality of service settings. For the latter the cross-connection between the user interface and the emulation inter-working function is further detailed.

Module 6.0 – Operations, administration and maintenance

In this training module different Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OA&M) functions are described and applied to DNWP Connection Master MPLS-TP networks. Introductions to generic associated channel, virtual circuit connectivity verification and maintenance entities are given in view of the continuity check, loopback, linktrace, test generation, loss measurement and delay measurement functions. Point-to-point link level OA&M is included for completeness of OA&M functionality.

Online training technical requirements

  • Google Meet (Hangout)
  • Teamviewer
  • Two screens (or two separate laptops)
  • Video camera
  • Microphone
  • Speaker

The online trainings are free of charge with a no-show fee.

*Please note that the trainings are for DNWP partners only.

For more information and to join the training, please contact: