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DNWP is compliant with various policies

Dedicated Network Partners – Environmental policy

We at DNWP are committed to continually minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment. We strive to minimize harmful environmental impacts and encourage our customers, partners and suppliers to do the same.

Environmental factors are taken into account in business decisions, in product designs as well as in day-to-day activities:

  • We reuse and recycle everything we are able to.
  • We promote travel alternatives such as e-mail and teleconferencing.
  • We evaluate the environmental impact of any new products we intend to purchase or to bring to market (for example, in regard to power consumption, use of packing materials, use of hazardous substances or conflict minerals).

Our manufacturing subcontractor is ISO 14001 certified.

Dedicated Network Partners – Quality policy

Our customers rely on our products and people when building their telecommunications infrastructure. We constantly increase our understanding of customer needs and requirements to be able to meet customer expectations through our innovative, cost efficient and ultra-reliable products.

By continuously and proactively looking for ways to improve our products and services and the way we do things, we guarantee both customer and employee satisfaction. Quality is No. 1 in all our endeavors.

We are committed to fulfill applicable regulatory and customer requirements.

Dedicated Network Partners is ISO 9001:2015 certified. We will continuously evaluate our methods of operation and make changes as appropriate to achieve continuous improvement.

Dedicated Network Partners – Responsible entrepreneurship statement

We at DNWP are committed to run our business in a responsible and sustainable way and we expect the same from those working with us.

We adhere to highest standards of business, ethical, social and environmental values by:

  • Strictly complying with applicable international and national laws and regulations.
  • Following sound and fair business practices.
  • Proactively evaluating and mitigating risks related to our business, operations and products.
  • Respecting the human rights and promoting equal opportunities.
  • Ensuring the health and safety of our users and our people.
  • Exercising due diligence in our supplier and partner selections.
  • Striving to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment.

Dedicated Network Partners is a Reliable Partner at Vastuu Group.

Jouko Päivinen, Managing Director
Antti Viro, Chief Technical Officer