Lifetime extension – Keeping customers’ networks up and running

Dynanet primary access product family – the predecessor of Connection Master – has served Nokia customers worldwide for over 20 years.

Dynanet customers are offered deliveries for network expansions, spare parts, hardware repair service and support services related to:

  • DM2 – 2 Mbit/s multiplexer
  • DB2 – 2 Mbit/s add-drop multiplexer
  • DN2 – 2 Mbit/s multiplexer/digital cross-connect
  • TPS64 – Teleprotection signaling equipment
  • Voice and data interface units
  • Fiber and copper line terminals
  • Subracks
  • Power units
  • Cables and accessories

Dynanet customer: Enter the DNWP support web to browse the latest change notes