Dyna Wiz

The magical industrial mini switch

Dyna Wiz is a small-sized access point for critical communications. The product runs on TDM over Packet, MPLS-TP and Carrier Ethernet 2.0 technology platforms that makes it compatible with all critical IP applications. The compact product design fits well into limited spaces such as power substations, gas & oil block valve stations, airport field shelters and railways track side shelters.

Dyna Wiz provides a smooth transport migration from current critical communications towards next generation means with minimum on-site work and maintenance. This makes it also ideal for locations that are difficult to reach or distant.

When installing Dyna Wiz, the 2Mbps multiplexer can be used for current interfaces as before. All Ethernet based services can be directly connected into Dyna Wiz. This setup enables the end-to-end service provisioning and cyber security features to span across all services routed via Dyna Wiz.

See a network topology example with DNWP’s Dyna Wiz and Connection Master below:

Dyna Wiz 8 key features include:

  • 8G MPLS-TP switch
  • Carrier Ethernet 2.0
  • TDM over Packet*)
  • 8 Ethernet ports
  • Optional AES256-GCM user data encryption
  • IRIG-B and PPS interfaces for PTP synchronization
  • Measures:
    – L95 x H175 x W130
  • E&M type alarm inputs and outputs:
    – 2 x input
    – 2 x output
  • Environmental:
    – IP classification: IP40
    – IEC61850-3 compliant
    – Operating temperature: -5…+65 C
  • Power options:
    – Two battery inputs in DC mode
    – 24 – 110V DC
    – 220V DC
    – 220V AC
  • Optional E1, C37.94 and V.24 interfaces with SFP transceivers
  • End-to-end service provisioning by a DNWP network management system

*) The feature requires TDM SFP transceivers.