8 reasons to select Connection Master for airports

Selecting Connection Master for critical airport communications is a smart business decision. Read below why our customers think so!

1. Connection Master is designed for industrial customers

Air travel is based on the strictest industrial rules. The purpose of the aviation law is to prevent flight failures. The prevention of risks encompasses aviation system suppliers to provide best-in-class products like Connection Master that prevail air safety.

2. Connection Master is designed for industrial conditions

Aviation standards and regulations guide the selection of a system supplier. Extensive tests are carried out to proof the quality, safety and performance of our products to comply with global aviation safety requirements. Connection Master is approved by the major air traffic control operators.

3. Connection Master makes the critical connection

Airports are complex facilities relying on a number of systems. Connection Master is especially favoured in ground-to-ground communications. This can be for example radio communication (to a human or a machine), radar information, a landing system (ILS), weather observing, public announcements (PA) or a live video surveillance (CCTV) in between the airport and the airfield.

4. Connection Master covers the critical area

Airport buildings and runways make a colossal estate. Connection Master covers an extensive physical area without a single point of failure. A secure and uninterrupted data flow is possible with comprehensive protection and control functions within the product. Connection Master comes with an inbuild data protection.

5. Connection Master means internet-off-things

Connection Master can create or isolate a private network for critical services. It supports analog, digital and IP based airport services within the same network. The level of safety required in airport infrastructure related services often requires two totally separate dedicated networks – a dual ring – where the loops are independent from each other but may carry the same information. Both loops are controlled and monitored without external interconnections.

6. Connection Master keeps the digital promises

Connection Master separates the critical data transmission from everyday IT. Both SDH/TDM and MPLS-TP technologies require minimal supervision once installed and maintained correctly. This keeps the number of network administrators and users limited over time again lowering the overall risks of safety and security.

7. Connection Master is future-proof

Flying contributes to a significant amount of a passenger’s yearly carbon footprint. Aviation industry is today working hard on reducing its negative ecological influence. Connection Master has a very long lifecycle. This makes it a future-proof solution diminishing the amount of telecommunications scrap.  Connection Master a valuable investment for the future.

8. Connection Master is the 1st choice of airport infrastructure providers worldwide

A safe journey starts at the airport. The modern aviation systems make globetrotting more comfortable and safer than ever. World’s most renowned airports have selected DNWP as their critical communications system supplier. 

“DNWP is an excellent choice for airport ground-to-ground communications and a trusted company with very skilled professionals that provide great technical support.”

– A DNWP aviation solutions customer in Spain

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