Network management

Open interfaces for easy management

Connection Master management

Connection Master seamlessly interfaces with any Network Management System (NMS) via its powerful NorthBound Interface (NBI). The interface enables users to access the features and settings of the device itself and easily provision services. Connection Master especially applies to network administrators who are looking for fast and simple management.

Connection Master exposes its functionality through a programmatic interface by using its well-defined Management Information Base (MIB). The following MIBs are supported:

  • Connection Master Private MIB
  • RFC 1213

The Connection Master Private MIB can be made available on request.


The NorthBound Interface is not limited to configuration. Your top level network management system can receive notifications of alarms and other events using SNMP traps.

Connection Master NBI is scalable and supports a wide range of management functions such as:

  • Fault management
  • Inventory management
  • Performance management

Local Craft Terminal

Connection Master can be managed locally or remotely either with Windows based Local Craft Terminal (LCT) Graphical UI or Command Line Interface (CLI). The LCT allows the user to access all functions of Connection Master whilst CLI is the embedded management application accessible via SSH.

FlexiNT-GS management

FlexiNT-GS uses open SNMP MIB for fault management (SNMP V2c). The MIB can be easily compiled to any third party SNMP management system. The FlexiNT-GS Private MIB can be made available on request.

Configuration and performance management is handled using Command Line Interface (CLI). The CLI can be accessed locally by using serial management interface (LMI) or by using Telnet via FlexiNT-GS’ Ethernet port. With Telnet you can also access remote FlexiNT-GS’s using IP protocol.

Dedicated VLAN can be configured to the device in order to isolate management traffic from payload.

For the file transfer operations there is a TFTP client function. With TFTP you can load pre-made configuration files to the device or save a configuration from the device to a PC. Also SW upgrade can be done using the TFTP protocol.

Network management system

The DNWP Network Management System is a full featured NMS with FCAPS and a powerful End-to-End circuit provisioning function. End-to-End circuits can be created over PDH, SDH and packet layers and over different generations of network elements.

  • Network topology view with map
  • Fault management
  • Configuration management
  • Inventory management
  • User management
  • Performance management
  • End-to-End circuit provisioning