Connection Master’s versatility appeals – orders coming in

During the last month, Dedicated Network Partners has received orders for 70 Connection Masters in four different networks. The won deals prove Connection Master’s multipurpose capabilities in demanding applications.

Customers in the energy sector are both renewing the management of their telecomms network as well as adding more substations into their network. In these cases, Connection Master’s interoperability with Dynanet and FMX2 gives the end-users the possibility to smoothly evolve into a new technology, Connection Master. The network management that is capable of managing all the key elements – Connection Master, Dynanet and FMX2 – is also highly valued by the customers.

In APAC, Connection Master has been selected to replace old SDH and access multiplexers. The main arguments in these cases have been Connection Master’s capability to handle SDH traffic, low speed data connections and Ethernet traffic in one node. The new state-of-the-art NMS has also been a mandatory element in the deals.

For more information, please contact Product Management/Jörgen Holmström.

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