Dedicated Network Partners Oy – A top European growth company by Inc.

Espoo, Finland – Dedicated Network Partners Oy, one of the world’s leading critical communications solution providers, is among the 5000 fastest-growing private companies in Europe in 2018 according to the Inc. Magazine.

Many of today’s most successful European and American companies have received their first international recognition on the Inc. 5000 list. Over the years, the honourees have included companies such as Supercell, Microsoft, Oracle and Facebook.

At Dedicated Network Partners (DNWP), the Inc. 5000 badge embodies customer commitment. Despite of the relatively young age of our company, we are engaged in decades long business relationships. It’s been a conscious choice to continue supporting legacy technologies that still serve our customers well. We have in-house expertise for example about Dynanet, the legendary private telecom equipment – and a product of the 80s’! Dynanet is still a trusted watchdog over e.g., passenger safety at airports and in urban rail traffic worldwide.

At the same time, DNWP’s flagship product Connection Master is already selected by customers in more than 50 countries. Connection Master is especially designed for core infrastructure providers of economy and society. Ultra-reliable critical communications solutions are essential in industries such as power, water, oil&gas and transportation. Our products have most recently become available in Russia with a positive market response and will soon be in multiple African countries with an expanding need for infrastructure services.

Our company that merely employs 30 persons has achieved a whopping revenue growth of 457% over the past three years. This performance ranks us at #1635 on Inc. 5000 Europe list. The entire 2018 Inc. 5000 Europe list is available at website as of February onward and the key highlights are featured in Inc. magazine’s March issue.


Liisa Sareela
Director, Marketing Communications and Human Talent
tel. +358-50-4876636

About us:

Dedicated Network Partners Oy (DNWP) is one of the world’s leading critical communications solution providers. DNWP started out in 2012 as a spin-off from the telecom giant Nokia, where dedicated networks formed the core of the business as early as the 80’s. Today, DNWP brand is available on five continents enabled by our value-added reseller network. ‘Til today, DNWP solutions have been selected by more than 500 customers worldwide with more than 500,000 delivered devices. DNWP’s key product Connection Master is securing business operations and human lives in more than 50 countries. Dedicated Network Partners Oy is ranked among the 5000 fastest-growing private companies in Europe in 2018 according to the Inc. For more information, please visit

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