DNWP enters energy superpower Russia

Espoo, Finland – Dedicated Network Partners is currently actively investing in establishing its’ critical communications business presence in Russia.

Russia relies on energy revenues to drive most of its growth. The country, known as an “energy superpower”, is the world’s largest exporter of natural gas and the second largest exporter of petroleum. Additionally, it is estimated that Russia contains over 30% of the world’s natural resources.[1] Finnish trade to the neighbouring country improved 20% in 2017, and the prospects for the upcoming months are positive.[2]

Essential service providers are often ranked against dependability and security of the solution. Any threat that possibly could disrupt the core infrastructure of economy and society such as energy, water or logistics, should be considered critical.

DNWP brings the ultra-reliable critical communications offering available for utility customers in the Russian market now together with Unitel Engineering LLC.

Unitel Engineering LLC is a manufacturer and system integrator in the area of utility communications, relay protection and automated process control systems. The well-established company is headquartered in the capital city of Moscow and present to serve customers across Russia.

Additionally, to further develop our partner network and support our customerships in Russia, DNWP is pleased to announce having nominated Mrs. Yulia Amin as Sales Manager, Russia. Yulia, who is a native Russian, comes with earlier experience over sales in between the countries.

For the local critical communications market influencers, who wish to learn more about DNWP, we are now delighted to offer an executive introduction over our company and our key critical communications solution Connection Master in Russian.


Liisa Sareela
Director, Marketing Communications and Human Talent
tel. +358-50-4876636


[1] Wikipedia. Economy of Russia

[2] The Finnish Russian trade barometer 2017


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