New dates for the MPLS-TP online product training series in 2021!

We at DNWP are destined to make things work out for you

The new day has brought along many sudden encounters. Yet, we at DNWP are working hard on turning challenges into opportunities. One of our goals is to keep the industry productivity going despite of the global travelling restrictions. This has driven us to further digitalize DNWP customer services in a speedy manner.

The novelty that we introduced to our partners last spring was the Connection Master online product training series. What we created was not only a webinar, but a remote class-room with hands-on exercises. The series started in May.

Since then, we’ve been blown away by the interest. All previously scheduled trainings have been  sold out. But, no worries, there are new dates available for 2021!

The training series in a nutshell

The MPLS-TP online product training consists of a shared screen, voice, video and a remote access to Connection Master nodes in our training lab.

Six remote training modules are already available. There are four connections to each module and a practical limit of 1-2 participants in each connection.

The Connection Master online product training series modules:

Module 1.0 – Getting connected
Module 2.0 – Management communication network
Module 3.0 – Timing and clock synchronization
Module 4.0 – MPLS-TP label switching
Module 5.0 – MPLS-TP provisioning using Traffic Manager
Module 6.0 – Operations, administration and maintenance

Read more about the schedulesmodule descriptionstechnical requirements and sign up here >>

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