The spin-off becomes operational

The operation of Dedicated Network Partners Oy has started and many key individuals from Nokia Siemens Networks have decided to join the new company. All the employees have a long history in the telecommunications industry, and they have all been part of the Connection Master and FlexiNT-GS teams in the past years. This will ensure that we can continue to develop the business forward and become even more dedicated to our customers’ need.

Also, a lease agreement for premises in Espoo, Finland, has been made. The premises include office and laboratory space and are almost the same where Connection Master and FlexiNT-GS activities have been carried out before. This means that there is no disruption due to relocation, which ensures a smooth transition of the business activities to Dedicated Network Partners.

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A free, open-to-all event hosted by Dedicated Network Partners

SDH technology continues to triumph the industry!

A special DNWP private networks e-event on 21 September, 2023 at 10 am EET

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