“We watch our customers’ back!” — DNWP fights for cybersecurity and acquires ISO 27001

DNWP design, sales, service and support are now ISO 27001 compliant. The quality certification brings DNWP among the group of first-class companies in information security management.

DNWP wants to stand out as a licensed cybersecure service provider to our customers and partners worldwide. Information security is our highest priority when serving our peers in critical communications. We also encourage our partners to go for the same to build the necessary protection around the whole critical communications ecosystem together.

Information security is becoming increasingly important especially within regulated industries. The industrial landscape has during the recent years witnessed multiple data breaches and hostile attacks such as the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack and the SolarWinds data breach. In Finland, the devastating leak of information out of Psychotherapy Centre Vastaamo led to hacking and blackmailing of customers.

ISO 27001 standard consists of a set policies and procedures for systematically managing sensitive data that is referred as Information Security Management System (ISMS). An ISMS typically addresses behavior, processes, data and technology. The goal of an ISMS is to minimize risk and ensure business continuity by proactively minimizing the risk of compromised information and data.

DNWP has a carefully defined organizational structure where everyone plays a crucial role. The certification process has required the entire organization’s involvement and can therefore be referred as a holistic company culture assessment.

DNWP’s ISO 27001 certificate can be seen digitally at and as a printed certificate on our office wall in Espoo, Finland next to our previously acquired ISO 9001 certification.

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